Is Your Site Truly Optimized for Mobile?

If you know what you’re doing in terms of marketing your business online, you’re probably yawning at the thought of revisiting the importance of optimizing your site for multi-screen and smart phones. You might be saying, Wasn’t this already covered last year by all major online marketing sites as one of the most important trends of 2014? Well, the year is well under way, and other than the rise of local search and image-centric social media marketing, mobile optimization still looms as an indispensable pillar of online marketing. So is your site optimized?

Although a lot have businesses have jumped on the bandwagon of making their sites mobile-friendly, many small to medium-size businesses still have yet to do so. These business owners might think they have neither the time nor the resources to sit around and tweak their mobile sites when most of their traffic comes from desktops. This is where they’re wrong and are consequently losing tons of valuable potential clients and income.

Responsive web design allows you to build one site that responds dynamically to the users’ mode of connection so you don’t have to redesign for every device. Also, we don’t need to tell you that responsive web design provides a consistent experience to users and is far better for SEO.

Studies show that in less than a year almost 80-percent of internet users will connect to the web using smart phones and tablets. It is also predicted that, by the end of 2014, the number of mobile devices will outpace the number of desktops. Lastly, only about 50-percent of local searches are done on desktops.

What does this mean? It means that potential clients are looking up your business on-the-go. With more and more powerful handheld devices showing up at breakneck speed, it’s not difficult to imagine a near future when all searches will be done through mobile. People will want to search your business on their mobile devices whether they are trying to get to you or happen to be in your vicinity. The path of action is clear: if you’re not optimized for mobile, get into it today. If you are, access your site on your phone, see how it’s doing, and really get into the nitty-gritty of polishing it to perfection. And don’t be surprised to see your return on investment surge.

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