AdWords Introduces Parallel Tracking to Help Increase Ad Conversions

Conversions are the crowning achievement for many pay-per-click ad campaigns. Whether it’s getting someone to sign up for a newsletter or download a whitepaper, conversions can confirm if we’re rocking our campaigns – or not. That’s why, when AdWords announced its new Parallel Tracking feature to help increase ad conversions, we knew advertisers would be excited. Let’s take a look at this exciting bit of PPC news and see what’s in store.

What is Parallel Tracking?

According to AdWords, with Parallel Tracking, “users will head immediately to your landing page after clicking your ad while their browser processes URL tracking requests in the background.”

The thought is these landing pages will load faster for users, helping them reach and engage with the page more quickly instead of navigating away.

It makes sense, really: the more users you can keep on your landing pages, the more chances you have of increasing your ad conversions.

Now, if you do use URL tracking, you’ll still be able to keep tabs on the sources of your traffic and other campaign data. The difference is users will no longer see all that tracking code in their browser’s address bar.

For example, instead of seeing this:

Users will see this:

Again, AdWords continues to process all of your tracking requests in the background, including AdWords click tracker loads and possible redirects loads. You won’t lose any valuable data, but you’ll speed up the page load time and, hopefully, increase ad conversions.

Parallel tracking is set to be the default tracking method for all AdWords accounts by early 2018. If you use a third-party provider for URL tracking, AdWords recommends you start preparing now.

For more information or if you need help getting ready for this change, reach out to our marketing team for support.

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