Improving LinkedIn PPC Ad Performance

If you’ve been experiencing low leads and click-through rates (CTRs) with LinkedIn ads, then it may be time to review the best practices for LinkedIn PPC advertising so you can improve your campaign performance.

Here’s an overview of what to do right now:


Problem: You’re bidding the minimum $2.00 per click so you can make the most of your daily budget, but your ads are not being served.

Solution: Bid at the high end of the suggested range or above. Higher bids gain more impressions and clicks.


Problem: You’ve got a daily budget of $20 and you’re bidding $4 per click, but your ads aren’t showing past 10 a.m.

Solution: A $20 daily budget at $4 per click will get you 5 clicks. If you’re advertising in the morning, when LinkedIn receives the most traffic, you’re likely going to use your entire daily budget in the early hours. However, if you advertise in the afternoon and evening (when LinkedIn adjusts its budget according to less traffic), you could get more clicks for the dollar.


Problem: Your criteria are very specific, which makes your target audience very small.

Solution: Pick just one or two criteria per campaign, and create several different campaigns at a time. A good size for a target audience is 150K-400K, which will allow you greater opportunity to receive more impressions and clicks.


Problem: You have LinkedIn ads that are performing well. Unfortunately, they’re being brought down by ads that aren’t.

Solution: Create three ad variations and use two ads right away. Once you can see which one is the poorest performing ad, replace it with the third variation.


Problem: The CTRs on your LinkedIn ads are too low and the ads have stopped showing altogether.

Solution: Deactivate your current campaigns and create new campaigns with different content and offers. This will reset your performance history and help you get impressions.

So there you have it; the best practices for improving LinkedIn PPC ad performance start with bidding, budgeting, targeting, creating and optimizing. Five little steps that can help you make a huge difference.

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