How to Write Social Media Posts that Boost Your SEO

You’ve optimized your website with the best keywords and content, and now you need to direct traffic to all those pages and increase your rankings in search engines. Of course, working your way up the organic totem pole takes time - lots of it, in some cases - so you’ll want to do a little side job with social media. Here’s how to write social media posts that can drive more traffic to your website and boost all that on-page SEO work you’ve put in place.

Know Thy Keywords

Hopefully, if you’ve already optimized your website, you know which keywords are most relevant to your business and give you the most value. These are the keywords you’ll want to incorporate in your social media posts, making sure the keywords used in your posts match those used on the pages you’ll link to in your posts. Doing it this way increases the chances of your website visitors staying on the page, as the social content matches the page content. When visitors stay longer on your website pages, it shows search engines your content is valuable. Getting that “value” stamp of approval can directly influence your organic search rankings in a very positive way.

Pay Attention to Your Keyword Ranking Data

Are any of the pages on your website currently ranking for any of your chosen keywords? If not, then knowing how to write social media posts is essential to improving keyword ranking. For example, let’s say one of your most valuable keywords is “social media marketing.” If none of your website pages optimized for that keyword are ranking for that keyword, then you’ll want to create some posts around the keyword. Over time, watch to see if your rankings change, and adjust your publishing schedule accordingly.

Make It Engaging

When you’re just trying to get social content out the door, it can be tempting to duplicate what’s already being said on your website page. However, in order to get people to click on your link, you need to make your social media posts as engaging as possible. Think about what might work with your audience or sounds natural coming from your brand. Will humor work? How about emojis? Consider what speaks most genuinely, and use that to guide the language of your content (along with your keywords, of course!).

Don’t Forget Your Links

I can’t tell you how many missed opportunities I’ve seen with great social media posts and forgotten links. You’ll go to all this trouble of crafting the most amazing content, but leave the users with nowhere to go from there. Of course, the purpose of learning how to write social media posts for SEO is to get people interested enough to click on your link, which then drives more traffic and boosts your search rankings. So while creating engaging, keyword-friendly content is essential, supplying the appropriate link is equally important to achieving your goals.

Social media content is an important part of your ongoing SEO work. It is a valuable medium for increasing website traffic and search engine rankings. Done correctly, it can take the work you’ve done on the page to a whole other level.

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