How Deep Linking Helps SEO

How deep are your links? That determines your websites search engine ranking. Heres a quick guided tour about Deep linking and back linking:

How to add back links: Email webmasters and ask them to place a link on their website, submit your site to directories, distribute free reprint articles, and post to relevant blogs.

What to watch out for: Do not have all the links point to your homepage, but draw down the links to your inner web pages.

What is deep linking: When a visitor finds content interesting in your inner web page and is more likely to copy and paste the actual webpage address into a blog. This is what is meant by deep linking or natural linking by the search engines.

The problem with creating deep links: Webmasters or directories normally allow a link to your homepage only, not a deep link, and even when you submit a deep link, they will not allow you to submit 10 deep links.

Useful Tips: Use free reprint articles as part of your link building campaign. Another way out is to take keywords in each page of the text on your website and make a hyperlink on that word or phrase to another page on your site. Spread links across all the pages of your domain, because users are likely to be turned off by a page that is almost all hyperlinks.

Why they are important: Because search engines like Google, Yahoo! And MSN have put the official seal on the importance of back links and deep links.

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