Greater ROI with Remarketing for Search Ads

What if you could make a sale from someone even after they decided to leave your website without purchasing anything? With Google AdWords’ Remarketing for Search Ads (RFSA), you can now create audience-specific ads that encourage previous visitors to come back and give you what you really want.

It’s the browse-and-bounce consumers that make you feel used: they visit your site, put an item in their shopping cart, and for no good reason leave the page without making the purchase. And you still have to pay for that click.

For site owners that have keywords with high quality scores, this can be incredibly frustrating as they see good clickthrough rates on their ads but are left dead in the water on conversions.

Remarketing for search ads gives companies new hope for higher conversions by reconnecting them with people who have previously visited the site, and showing them relevant, engaging ads on their Google search engine results pages (SERPs) while they are browsing for other terms and websites.

An Example of Search Ad Remarketing

Let’s say that you are the owner of a reputable candle company, and your current ads are doing a fine job of getting customers to your website. However, your reports tell you that the people who stay on for less than 5 minutes tend to be the ones that abandon their shopping cart. If you’ve been using the search ad remarketing tool in Google, then you can setup a separate creative ad that these specific visitors will see in the SERPS even after they leave your website. The objective with remarketing your search ads is to entice those customers to return to your site and complete their purchase.

What if you don’t operate an e-commerce site? This tool – introduced in July 2012 – works equally as well for other goals: increasing registrations, gathering more email addresses for your newsletter campaigns, or simply promoting awareness for your brand. Everyone can benefit.

One of the biggest advantages of RFSA is that the ads now display on the regular SERPs, where before they were only visible to those subscribed to the Google Display Network. This is huge for AdWords customers because it broadens their reach to potential customers.

Tips for Smart Remarketing

  • Your “audiences” can be as specific as you want them to be: “People who visited the site more than 400 days ago”, “people who visited 10 pages”, and “people who have stayed on the website for more than 2 minutes.” These are all good ways to segment your audiences and ads.

  • Create ads that include an offer, special or new development to entice return visitors. Make the ads specific to each “audience.”

  • Setup your remarketing tool as soon as possible to start building your “audience,” or user pool. This user pool is not the same as your display remarketing one, so you may want to let the pool develop before you create a campaign for it.

  • Create negative “audiences” that eliminate people who have already converted, so that they don’t see your remarketing search ad.

The remarketing tool helps you narrow your search ads with a divide-and-conquer approach, so that the money you’re spending on AdWords can go further and bring back greater value for your investment. To get started, simply log in to your AdWords account and setup the remarketing tool.

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