Google Secrets to Webmasters

OK, Google-ians, so how are the links to your website ranked? How do you link out? How to construct internal links to your site? And get more inbound links? How many links to a page is okay?

The revelation came recently, not from the sage saints of the web, but verily from the Oracle, Google Inc., at its recent Links Week event. And that is: Quality content and relevant, inbound links. That's what draws in the crowds to your website and pushes up its b/o (box office) ratings.

Creating valuable, unique and relevant useful content (videos, original research, interesting tidbits, insights, entertaining and engaging copy, value-adds, useful product or service) is one of the best ways to get your site and pages highly ranked in Google. Do this, and other sites will want to link to you naturally.

Useful hints:

  • For interior linking, use descriptive anchor text links to explain the content to your visitors.

  • Anchor text should be rich in your keywords.

  • Outbound links to other sites are about adding value to the visitors experience.

  • Don't post too many links on a page as this overloads the search engine robots that regularly crawl the web, indexing pages.

  • Make sure your important pages are no more than a few clicks away from your homepage.

Will this unraveling of Googles secret-that-isn't help your website win higher Page Ranks and better web links? Its difficult to say. Which means, the game is all about providing relevant, unique, valuable and quality content.

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