What Do Google Search Journeys Mean for My Business?

Google is changing the way it delivers search results. Instead of simply providing answers to users’ search queries, it now looks at user intent and buyer journeys (i.e. context) before displaying results – a new approach it’s calling Google Search Journeys.

But what are Google Search Journeys, and what do they mean for your business?

Let’s have a look.

What are Google Search Journeys?

Google Search Journeys is the term describing how Google interprets user intent and context using AI technology in order to deliver the most accurate search results. The search engine considers whether or not the user has previously searched for this type of information in order to deliver results matching their position in the buyer journey.

The whole idea behind Search Journeys is to meet the user where they are at in their journey, providing the most relevant information to lead them along the path to conversion.

What Do Search Journeys Mean for Business?

For businesses, Google Search Journeys are highly beneficial. While it does mean you may have to tweak your content for this change, it also gives you more opportunity to craft your content around your specific buyer’s journey. Instead of combining your content with all other similar content, Google now breaks it down into results that reflect intent, behaviors, and other AI-related data.

In order to leverage the strengths of Search Journeys, you may need to conduct keyword research again (or, for the first time) to match your content with buyer journeys. For example, if you want to ensure someone who previously found you using the keyword “women’s shoes” later makes a purchase, then you may want to add or optimize another page using the keyword “buy women’s shoes.” Google uses its AI technology to remember which sites users visited already, and even allows users to save those sites to their collections.

Once you have solid keyword research nailed down and you’ve taken inventory of existing content, you want to map your keywords to the content that matches your buyer’s journey, in order to help them along the path to purchase.

Search Engine Journal has an awesome guide discussing the types of content users are searching for in detail, and breaks it down in a way you can apply to your business content.

Do you like the new Google Search Journeys? How do you see it affecting your business? Let me know in the comments!

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