Google Product Listing Ads: What’s Local Got to Do With It

If you’ve ever forgotten an important holiday in your past, then you can thank your friends over at Google for saving you from any future gift-giving fumbles. The new local availability feature in Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) helps consumers find the products they want – right away – at retailers that are, literally, just around the corner.

What is local availability?

Local availability means that Google will display product listing ads for brick-and-mortar stores nearest the user.

For example, let’s say you do a search for Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue (now that you'll need a gift idea for the holidays). You will see PLAs for local retailers that carry D & G Light Blue Perfume along with how far the stores are from your current location. When you click on an ad, it shows you the address and hours of the store as well as the product price and availability.

Google Product Listing Ads with Local Availability Feature

Google PLAs even let you get directions to the store or call the retailer directly from the ad.

For advertisers, this provides an advantage over other forms of online advertising as it empowers eager consumers to make an in-store purchase rather than wait on lengthy order processing and fulfillment.

Both mobile users and desktop purists will be able to see local product listing ads.

A Highlight for the Holidays

This new feature will bode well during the holidays, too. According to Deloitte’s annual survey, 68 percent of those who responded plan to use their smartphone during holiday shopping.

And for those that thrive on the last-minute dash to the department store, Google’s local availability could be just the answer for driving extra sales this season.

Now let’s hear from you: Do you plan to use the new local availability feature on Google’s product listing ads?

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