Google Penguin Update: Your Link Strategy

When the Google Penguin update happens in the next few weeks or months (yes, it is coming), it could be looking even more closely at your website’s link building habits. Reviewing your current link strategy could be your smartest move this year.

Google Penguins of Our Past

As you may or may not recall, previous Google Penguin updates also looked at how links were acquired. In fact, you could even go as far as to say that Google Penguin has always been a filter for link quality, eliminating websites that were manipulating search engine rankings through link schemes.

The Pending Penguin

In the new Google Penguin update due out this year, we can be sure that links will still be a main focus and possibly even more so than before.

That’s why these two areas should become your main focus right now:

Rate of Links: The frequency at which your website acquires links over time.


Link Trust: The proximity of a website to what Google deems “good” and “bad” neighborhoods.

Understanding the Rate of Links

How many links does your website acquire on a daily basis? Does it spike during certain times or does it maintain a regular pattern? As Google becomes more intelligent at spotting those sites which earn links consistently, it could decide to reward those that stay “regular” in this next Google Penguin update.

Knowing Your Link Trust Metric

Do your links come from high authority sites like or from non-reputable sites like Are there more that come from “good” neighborhoods than “bad”? Google could be taking their analysis of link quality to the next level by measuring a metric of trust, which shows how close your website is to sites of authority.

How to Improve Link Strategy before the Google Penguin Update

There are a number of online tools and resources that can give you a do-it-yourself approach to link strategy. For the most accurate representation of your website’s link profile, consult with a search engine optimization specialist who can help you prepare for the next Google Penguin update.

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