Google Passages Presents New Opportunities to Rank in Search Results

Google recently announced a new aspect of search called Passages, a major breakthrough in how the search engine is able to rank search results. Google Passages will present more opportunities for your webpages to appear in search results for specific queries when it’s activated later this year.

Let’s see how it’s possible.

What is Google Passages? 

Google Passages represents the search engine’s ability to index and rank webpages for a search query based on a relevant passage within the page. Rather than having to consider the entire content of a page, Google’s language understanding systems can narrow information down to only the passage and serve more relevant results for specific search queries.

Here’s an example of what this looks like before and after this new ranking feature:

More Opportunities for Ranking in Search Results

With Passages in place, even your highly relevant content buried within a sea of other information has the possibility of ranking in search results – thanks in part to the search engine’s BERT algorithm. That means more opportunities outside of those main keywords you’ve optimized for in the past; more opportunities for users to discover your information because it actually relates to what they need answered.

Google says the new feature will improve about 7 percent of searches, so it could be interesting to compare your SEO performance now and after the change officially takes place.

The Latest in Google Search

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