Google Now: Upping the Mobile Search Ante

We’ve known for some time that mobile search is a crucial part of strengthening any web presence, but with the introduction of Google Now businesses will see their mobile search efforts interjected in even more exciting (and beneficial) ways than ever before.

Page Suggestions

It’s no surprise that Google is refining its data intelligence on yet another level; Google Now (using “Google cards”) shows web page suggestions based on the user’s previous searches.

This feature will no doubt take its queues from traditional search queries, but will also be enhanced by mobile search considerations such as time and location.

Geo-Targeting on the Go

In addition to page suggestions, Google Now offers a concierge-like service that delivers local traffic, hotels, restaurants and shopping tailored to your exact location.

Google Now card uses mobile search data to find nearby restaurants.

So if you leave New York City and arrive in Austin, you will have real-time data at your fingertips including reviews, events, transit, and tourist information.

This presents a huge opportunity for businesses targeting local customers, whether residents or visitors.

With Google Now, businesses should be thinking about how they want to appear on mobile search with regards to reviews, directions, business information, and accessibility (phone number, email address, instant chat).

Get Strategic

In order for businesses to take advantage of Google Now, which is already available on Android and iOS devices, a strategic approach is needed for effective mobile search marketing.

As this service develops more features in the future, businesses will need to have a firm grasp on users’ search intent in order to get the clicks they want and the conversions they need to survive in an increasingly on-the-go environment.

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