How Google’s Mobile-First Index Impacts Desktop and Mobile Websites

Seven months ago, I wrote about Google’s mobile-first index and what it meant for online search. Now that we’re possibly just a few months from “go time,” I want to discuss how this impacts businesses with desktop and mobile websites.

You don’t have a mobile website? Keep reading, please.

Let’s Talk about Google Mobile-First Index

So, what is the deal with mobile-first indexing? Essentially, the majority of online searches now take place on mobile devices. In August 2016, marketing group Hitwise reported 60 percent, and I can only imagine it has increased since then.

With that said, Google wants to index all mobile websites before desktop websites, to accommodate the volume of searches taking place on mobile.

Bottom line: Your mobile website is going to become your main website.

This means, if you still don’t have a responsive mobile-friendly site, you’re running out of time. Once the Google mobile-first index is initiated, your desktop website will fall to the bottom of the heap – like way, way down.

Now, if you do have separate desktop and mobile versions of your website, you’ll want to make sure your mobile website contains all of the information you want to be indexed by Google. Mobile-first indexing will look at all of the content on your mobile site first; so don’t leave behind anything of value.

If you have a responsive website – meaning one URL that displays for both desktop and mobile requirements – then you are likely safe for the mobile-first index. However, I’d recommend checking in with your SEO consultant to get the official thumbs up.

Buried is the last place you want to be in the new, mobile-first world.

Is Your Website Ready for Google’s Mobile Indexing?

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