Google Knowledge Panel Takes the Top Spot in Search Results

The Google Knowledge Panel – the block of information typically served for search queries like people and places – now has a new position in search results: the very top.

New Knowledge Panel Position

Previously, Google placed the Knowledge Panel in the right sidebar, reserving the top spots for Featured Snippets, paid ads, or organic search results.

Here’s what the former version looked like:

Old Knowledge Panel Position

The Google Knowledge panel where it used to sit in search results: at the right sidebar.

The change first appeared in mobile search results, but now it’s showing up in desktop results as well.

What Does the New Knowledge Panel Position Mean for SEO?

With the panel at the top of search results, it means everything else may be pushed further down the page – including organic search results. You may experience a drop in traffic if your website had one of the first positions.

It doesn’t appear that paid ads are moved down as a result, but that’s probably not surprising.

It also indicates that, if it makes sense for your business or brand, getting verified for a Knowledge Panel can be in your favor. Knowledge Panels can boost brand awareness and even increase traffic to your site if you have links to it within the panel.

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