Google’s Key Moments: Like Featured Snippets for YouTube Videos

In a move that excites many brands, Google is now prioritizing specific sections of YouTube videos in search results – not just the video as a whole.

Google announced its focus on “key moments” of videos as a way to better answer search queries, like this one for “how to wish with a wishbone”:

Google shows specific parts of YouTube content in search results.

You can see that Google provides a “suggested clip” of this video, at 28 seconds in, to provide just the right answer for the search query.

It reminds me of Featured Snippets, which takes a short – yet highly relevant – blurb of information from a web page and displays it near the top of the search results page.

Key moments are helpful for brands engaging in SEO, because it gives YouTube videos more opportunity to show up in search results. This could lead to a better user experience and, if Google decides, a significant ranking factor for search results.

If you happen to publish videos to YouTube, and SEO is important to you, then this news is not only very interesting – it is highly valuable.

When clips of your video show up in search results as the answer to search queries, then you not only have more people viewing your content, but you also increase brand awareness.

How YouTube Videos Can Be Key Moments in Search Results

Google has provided an interest form for brands that want to be included in the Key Moments feature in Google Search. Note the form does not guarantee inclusion in the Early Adopters Program.

To enable the feature for your videos, Google says you need to add Clip structured data to your content. This helps mark important video segments in your video, so Google can more easily understand the answers your content has to offer.

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