Google Continues to Impress with New Features

Ever since the launch of their Universal Search feature two years ago, Google has been quietly working behind the scenes to improve search. That feature broke barriers by allowing us to view results of various types such as images, videos, books, etc.

The downside to Universal Search was that it left most of us with more questions than answers such as:

How can I find the most recent information?

How do I assess which results are best?

How do I know what I am looking for?

Their latest feature, Search Options, is actually a collection of features or "tools" designed to help you find what you need faster and easier. As if spitting back results in a matter of milliseconds wasn't good enough for the king of search. Their goal all along was to quickly connect people to what they were looking for by providing filters that allow us to view by result and time frame.

They even outdid themselves by adding a cool feature called "Wonder wheel" (see screen shot below).

Still, we know Google is back at it improving Search Options with more innovative and useful features for future search. Now it's easy to understand why Google continues to be the leader in the search industry.

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