Google Analytics Smart Lists: Vetting Your Remarketing Prospects

Who are your best bets when it comes to remarketing? Knowing which users are most likely to convert upon returning to your website is key to bigger sales and higher profits.

No one knows this better than Google, and the latest addition to the Analytics suite – Smart Lists – proves it.

What are Smart Lists? How can I use them?

Smart Lists is an automated list creation and management tool in Google Analytics. It’s a list type that capitalizes on anonymous conversion data collected from the millions of websites that have opted-in to share information with Google. (Unless you have a website with at least 500 monthly transactions and 10,000 daily pageviews, in which case Google Analytics uses data from your own website.)

Using the power of big data – such as length of visit, location, device, referrer and browser – Smart Lists assembles a custom list for your remarketing campaign. Ultimately, this list is comprised of users who are most likely to come back to your website and make a purchase. The best part is, the work is done for you. All you have to do is the select the option under Remarketing Type.

The Smart List option in Google Analytics help refine remarketing campaigns.

On the surface, Smart Lists appear to be a good way to refine prospects while also saving time spent on remarketing tasks. But the real proof will be in tracking the conversions before and after implementing Smart Lists.

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