Google Analytics: Measure What Your Content Does for You

Today’s consumers have the option to tune out advertisements or engage more deeply with brands that they feel represent them. So once you've grabbed your customer’s attention, meaning they are on your site, how do you know you've converted them from potentials to evangelists? Google Analytics has the answer.

Garnering more than 45 million YouTube views in less than six months, the recent “#WhipIt” ad by the world’s best-selling haircare brand Pantene airing in the Philippines is a testament to great advertising. In it, an assertive businesswoman is labelled as pushy while her male counterpart is considered persuasive. With other similar examples, it sheds light on society’s double-standards against women and encourages women to ignore these biases and shine on. The Pantene ad is powerful because it knows exactly who its consumers are and uplifts them. It doesn’t stop at understanding its consumers, but goes one deeper by finding inspiration in them to cultivate their brand image.

But if you aren’t the #1 haircare brand and don’t have millions of dollars to throw at an ad campaign nor the resources for consumer research, what are you to do? How do you measure customer activity and reflect this in your services and content in a way that you know will speak to them?

With features that let you delve into how your website is performing in terms of SEO, content, bounce rate, social media, mobile, and more, we all know that Google Analytics lets you keep a finger on the beating pulse of your customers and their actions on your website. More specifically, if you have or are planning to build a YouTube channel for your business, you know that merely putting up content online is not the end-goal. Once you’ve produced something comparable to the shampoo commercial -- the term comparable is used very loosely here, how do you know what it’s doing for you? Integrating your YouTube account with Analytics equips you with a powerful centralized marketing measuring tool that lets you know exactly how your kick-ass content is performing. If we could look at the analytics of the Pantene ad, we would instantly know how many people watched the video, how many of those clicked on the links, and how many people went to the product’s site and converted. These are all questions Analytics can give you clear answers to.

Understanding your customers lets you draw inspiration from them. Utilizing Google Analytics to interpret your customers’ actions can help you understand them and play an indispensable role in making better, more creative online advertising choices marketed directly to your potential customers. Are you making the most of it?

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