What to Expect from Your Google Ads Performance

How do you know what makes your Google Ads performance good…or not-so-good?

Should you compare it to your ads on social media, or to the experiences of other businesses?

It can be difficult to understand what constitutes an ad that performs well on Google. Luckily, the folks at Wordstream released some super helpful data on this very subject.

Here’s what they found out about Google Ads performance according to different ad types:

Search Ads

The highest average clickthrough rate (CTR) for all search ads types belongs to expanded text ads, though its conversion rate (CVR) is much lower than that of call-only ads. The most expensive cost per action (CPA) goes to text ads (the shorter version of expanded text ads).

Display Ads

The highest CTR for all display ads goes to Gmail ads, or those you see while you’re using the Gmail site, though it also has the lowest CVR of the three types. Display and responsive ads come in about equal on CVR, but the CTR for responsive is double that of display. The lowest CPA of the group belongs to responsive ads, those that switch between different headlines and descriptions based on the devices being used.

Mobile Shopping Ads

The two types of mobile shopping ads perform quite similarly, with the most noticeable difference being the variations in CTR and CVR. Shopping ads have more clickthroughs, but showcase shopping ads perform better in terms of conversions.

Video and Mobile App Install Ads

On the whole, it appears that mobile app install ads perform better across the board. Though it’s important to keep in mind the goals of these two types of ads can be very different. Video ads could be more about raising awareness, whereas mobile app installs are focused solely on conversions.


It may be surprising to see that conversion rates, in general, are quite low for PPC advertising. At the same time, it can be helpful to see these numbers, so you can set expectations and measure success. Of course, every industry performs differently, so it’s essential to keep this in. mind.

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