Get Those E-mail Address Leads: Part 2

On the last installment, we talked about the power of e-mail marketing and left it off giving you a little taste of a few techniques you can use to acquire more customer e-mails, grow your address bank, and ultimately grow your business.

One of the main points that were made that should not be forgotten was the importance of treating this as an exchange. E-mail has become one of the most influential communication channels people check with fervor. Since people view their e-mails as an important news source both personally and for work, letting companies or businesses send them e-mails means they are likely to give it at least a cursory glance.

An e-mail-harvest landing page was discussed as a great way to get customers to hand over the goods. Another method is to use a popup. Even though the popup might be reviled as the virtual equivalent of subscription cards that fall out of magazines to the annoyance of anyone who has to bend over to pick them up, it has been proven to work. And just like a good e-mail-harvest landing page, it must offer value in return for an e-mail address

Clothing brands, especially, have a great grasp on how to harness this technique by promising exclusive information on sales and new products once you give them your e-mail address. This is another great example of an exchange.

Businesses might be hesitant to use popups because it is considered so annoying by many, but the correct way to approach it is that you are giving customers the chance to get dibs on good deals and proprietary information that only you can provide. Moreover, perhaps due to the fact that the popup takes action, either to fill it out or to close it, it shows that it has the potential to drive up subscribers exponentially compared to having just a sidebar subscription form.

In closing, popups work. Give them a try.

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