Get Those E-mail Address Leads: Part 1

Nothing beats e-mail when it comes to online marketing. In a previous post, we mentioned how one e-mail singlehandedly navigated which of the myriad rideshare apps several friends decided to take on a busy weekend night.

E-mail marketing boasts of a high engagement rate and ROI, which as we all know mean clicks and conversions. It is a powerful and time-tested online marketing tool that every business owner and marketer should use to his or her advantage.

However, you can’t go in thinking people will be flinging their e-mail addresses at you at the drop of a pin. E-mail addresses have become part of modern man’s identity and it’s not a surprise that one guards that information with ferocity.

As entrepreneur and tech columnist Neil Patel notes, it is important to keep in mind that, every new address gained is the result of an exchange. Every new e-mail in your address bank increases the possibility of conversion. In order to obtain a customer’s address, you must give them something in return, be it a promise, a discount, or a guarantee of good content. Like any economic transaction, customers must feel that what they will receive is sufficient enough to give up their e-mail addresses. Ergo, the more valuable your offer is, the more likely they will give you their information.

So how will you harvest customers’ e-mails? One way is to create an e-mail-harvest landing page on your site. A great e-mail signup landing page must promote a single topic that is of critical interest to your audience. The page should have readers wanting to find out more. And last but not least it should promise information that will only become available once they provide their e-mail address.

Check back on the blog and we will have more tips on how to collect customer e-mails and using them to your business’ advantage.

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