The Future of Mobile Ads is Already Here

Even taking a moment to look back on the exponential growth of mobile not to mention the technological innovations that it brought about can give you whiplash. With native, programmatic and location-based ads in its arsenal, mobile advertising is poised to steal the spotlight from other forms of advertising media.

Whether it be tablets or smartphones, computers, or wearables, what matters is that they drive sales and play indispensible roles in a consumer’s purchase journey.

Today’s consumer navigates through a multi-device and multi-channel experience before settling on a purchase decision. There has a been a surge of purchases being made on mobile, a trend that is not likely to subside in the foreseeable future. Therefore, marketers must understand the most effective and relevant way to reach out to prospective customers.

For instance, marketers need to improve the mobile enhancement process. Even though it’s been said many times before and will be said countless more times, mobile ads have not been geared towards mobile.

When you see an ad or have to watch a video spot on your mobile, often times you find yourself wanting at least to watch it on your desktop to get the full experience. It’s not a one size fits all. Mobile ads must be geared and targeted towards mobile use so as to be engaging and reap the returns.

One of the most powerful aspects of mobile is that it harnesses local advertising based on specific geo-location. When a potential customer is physically near your business and looking for goods and services you offer, this is an opportunity waiting to happen, money down the drain if you’re not primed to take advantage of it.

As mobile phones start going head to head against the computer, mobile commerce is pushing app-only discounts and deals, increasing the number of download and purchase via phone, driving traffic through mobile.

More data is being developed faster than ever before thanks to advances in data dispensation technologies. Huge amounts of data can be processed quickly and effectively, making it easier for more relevant and personalized advertising.

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