Five Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency

Is it better to try to get more search engine traffic on your own or to hire an SEO agency?

One thing you can count on with Google and every other search engine is they are always working to improve user experience. This means SEO is fast moving industry with lots of changes.

And it's not only figuring out keywords you want to rank for - or think you should rank for. There's the technical SEO that looks at your site hierarchy and metadata. Getting the technical side of SEO right is equally critical to getting increased traffic to your pages.

SEO agencies consider how future updates and developments will affect their clients’ reach and ranking. They get out in front of those changes before their clients see diminished site traffic and lost leads or sales.

To build the best SEO strategies, agencies rely on proven tactics, testing, and tracking. Then they use this knowledge to drive real results in an SEO campaign.

Let’s explore five key reasons why the smart money is on hiring a professional SEO agency.

It’s a Lot More Expensive to Figure It Out Yourself

Website optimization strategies are more cost-effective when you're doing them consistently and correctly. Optimization should always be part of a larger digital marketing strategy. If you’re trying to figure out how to optimize on the fly, you risk making major mistakes that decrease traffic. 

It's so easy to make major technical SEO mistakes that will cause immediate harm to your website. Then there are updates that can throttle your search engine rankings if you aren't constantly keeping an eye on them.

It can also take a lot of time and energy to troubleshoot those technical problems...and then fix them. Time is money and trouble with your ranking costs your business while you figure it out.

You save money today and make money in the future by having a skilled, professional SEO company handle your growth and visibility online.  

You Didn’t Start Your Business to Run an SEO Business

Developing a successful, long-term SEO strategy that gives you an advantage over your competitors is a full-time job. The essential keyword research alone can take hours. Do you have time to focus on link building? Do you understand Google Analytics?

When you hand your SEO over to a full-service agency, they handle the day-to-day work of improving your site ranking .

This means you can operate in your own personal zone of genius. Or you can give your employees back time to focus on customer service.

SEO Professionals Bring Their Experience and Proven Results

Having experience from many industries means that an SEO service company comes to your search engine optimization project with the knowledge needed to make informed, smart decisions about your site. They know what it takes to get traffic because they have tested and tweaked for a diverse range of clients. They also know how to develop realistic KPIs and goals for your project so you can see how things are going in real time.  

Because SEO professionals have worked with lots of different businesses with lots of different goals, they know how to put together a plan that will improve your SERP performance and get results that bring in more leads . They also know which industries can get a boost from well designed off page SEO tactics or from targeted social media campaigns.

 A professional SEO agency uses their experience and applies that knowledge to your pages to get you more opportunities to grab organic traffic.

Get Renewed Focus on Your Business Goals 

Every SEO strategy starts with a keen understanding of your business goals.  SEO professionals review your website and digital content. They'll check out the competition. Then they will develop a strategy to increase your search engine visibility.

They will also begin monitoring and making necessary adjustments that will be part of any solid SEO plan.  

Because tracking and testing is key, you’ll always know where you are on the path to achieving your desired results and how close you are to meeting your business goals.

Better Ranking Position Can Lower Other Marketing Costs

It’s only natural that most consumers trust companies that appear in top positions of the search engine results page. Generally, it costs less to market to aware consumers. The more exposure your company gets from search engines, the lower your marketing costs may be for certain products and services. Now you are using marketing dollars where they will be most effective. 

As your organic traffic improves, you may consider adding paid traffic to your SEO strategy. Brand awareness is a great side benefit to running a solid search engine optimization plan.  

Increasing visibility is a great boost for the bottom line. It gives you a chance to make the most of every opportunity to reach new customers.

The right SEO company can save you time and money while doing all the right things to increase your organic traffic. Hiring a team of SEO specialists means an advantage to you in the online marketplace. You can focus your talents on what you do best knowing that building your business online is well in hand.

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