First-Party Cookies: Recipe for the Perfect Personalized Marketing Content

Companies have been using cookies to track their website visitors, improve the overall user experience, and collect data to help them better target ads to the right audiences. Now Google will be phasing out the third-party cookie tracking on Chrome browsers (65.2% of the web browser market) by 2022.

What does this mean to you?  Dramatic changes in digital marketing are in store.  It’s your opportunity to plan strategically and take advantage of this dynamic shift by integrating new marketing best-practices.

Fellow blogger Sheila Hart-O'Connor wrote about alternatives to 3rd party cookies, so we thought we’d also shed some light on life in a First-party and cookie-less World:

1. Celebrate: Google is still using 1st-Party cookies

1st-Party cookies are stored on your website visitor’s computer when they visit your site and therefore comply with the data protection requirements.  They are not blocked by browsers and therefore offer a valuable source of information for marketers - all while providing a high level of transparency for users.

Result: With a first-party cookie, you can learn about what a user did while visiting your website, see how often they visit the website, and gain other basic analytics. This will help you develop a strategy or automate your marketing program around your website's visitors and their habits on your site.

2. Personalize In A Cookie-less World

It is a time to revert to personalized offers and content to ensure long-term customer loyalty, which in turn leads to increased sales.  Bring back the basics:

  • Collect metadata organically through various online incentives: product updates and complimentary equipment recommendations if they leave their email

  • High-value downloadable content Offers

  • Activate an Exit-Intent Pop-Up to offer opt-in before they leave your website

  • Invest in new virtual and augmented experiences such as Facebook's metaverse

  • Create an Online Community to exchange information between users

Result: Existing customers receive customized recommendations and potential customers are aware of special offers and benefits.

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