Why Google’s Featured Snippets are All the Rage - And Worth Every Penny

It turns out, as a society, we have a LOT of questions.

Seventy-seven percent of Americans who have access to a personal digital assistant (Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Home, etc.) use it to ask general questions.

That doesn’t include inquiries we’re typing on desktop and mobile devices.

Since the answers to these queries are sourced directly from search engines, businesses have a huge opportunity to be first in line with the information.

One of the best ways to claim that spot is with Google Featured Snippets.

Let’s take a look at what this means for your business and why you should spend your time on it.

What are Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are the outlined boxes of information that come up first on a search results page in Google (after any ads and sponsored posts, if available). They generally answer a question, provide in-depth information, and offer additional resources on the topic. In Google, a Featured Snippet can provide answers across devices, including desktop, mobile and voice.

First place: the Google Featured Snippet is shown before organic search results.

Whether a person types in the question on their laptop or asks it on a home device like Alexa, the information in a Featured Snippet comes up first. In the case of personal digital assistants, it may be the only answer given.

The best part about Google’s Featured Snippets is you can’t buy your way to the top; the hardest part is, it takes hard work to get there. Much like organic search, you have to earn your way in. Remember, Google is focused on delivering the best user experience; so only the most accurate, in-depth answer wins.

Why worry about snagging a Featured Snippet?

For a user asking questions on a desktop, the Featured Snippet shows up first (or after ads and sponsored posts). That’s pretty great real estate. But when a user does the same search on a mobile device, they see fewer results on the page because the screen is smaller. This makes Featured Snippets even more valuable, as they take up more of the screen.

Now, think about when a user asks a question or does a search on a home assistant like Alexa or Home, or even further down the line as people use smartwatches or devices in their vehicles. It’s much more likely the device is going to “speak” the answer rather than displaying it, and it’s only going to give one answer: the Featured Snippet.

Another consideration here is that Featured Snippets allow you to link to your own website, or a specific webpage, where the user can find more information. This helps usher potential customers on their journey as they move between devices to learn more about your business, engage with you, and finally complete a conversion.

In other words, investing your time in creating Google Featured Snippets now can provide you with tons of returns. As more and more people use their devices to ask questions and find information, you’ll be top of mind when consumers are ready to commit.

More Ideas

Did you know you could earn a Featured Snippet using your website’s Frequently Asked Questions page? Read about it on our blog post.

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