Facebook's Bid: Conversion Lift

As a business owner interested in what this blog has to say, chances are you are actively trying to grow and expand your business using all the marketing resources that are within your grasp. Of your multiple marketing tools that spans across different devices, platforms, and channels, how do you know which are actually, actively driving additional business?

If social media marketing is indeed one of your advertising tools, you would have heard at least some of the grumblings of marketers and business owners that paid Facebook posts no longer have the same reach it once did owing to the shear number of users and the endless news feed of family and friends actual and nominal that relegates paid advertising to the dusty corners of a potential customer’s peripheral vision.

Perhaps in answer to this, Facebook says advertisers are way too dependent on measuring clicks, which may or may not be crystal-clear indicators of how effective an advertising campaign is in the real world. So Facebook came up with a solution called conversion lift that is “not just for advertisers on Facebook, but for digital marketers in general.”

Conversion lift aims to address challenges that marketers currently face such as over-reliance on clicks, the rapid shift to mobile, and ineffective testing methods.

How Conversion Lift works:

  1. When creating a Facebook campaign, a randomized test group (people that see ads) and control group (people that don’t) are established.

  2. The advertiser securely shares conversion data from the campaign with Facebook. Typically, this data comes from sources like the Facebook Custom Audiences pixel, conversion pixel or secure point-of-sale (POS) data.

  3. Facebook determines additional lift generated from the campaign by comparing conversions in the test and control groups.

  4. The results of the study are made available in Ads Manager.

Only time will tell whether conversion lift will prove Facebook's paid posts to be the darling of social media marketing once more.

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