Facebook Messenger Now Has Sponsored Messages – Should You Use Them?

Last week, Facebook opened up sponsored messages to advertisers within its Messenger app. With one billion monthly users, Messenger is a tempting place to reach more customers…but are Facebook sponsored messages right for your business?

What is a Facebook Sponsored Message?

Sponsored messages take place right in the Facebook Messenger app. They activate once a user clicks on a News Feed ad, and then directs them to the Messenger app, where the sponsored message appears. If you’ve used Messenger before, then it looks just like a conversation you would have with another Facebook user.

If your business already uses Facebook Ads, then sponsored messages is a pretty neat tool for engaging your customers on a more personalized level. Instead of pointing to a website page, the Ad points to Messenger, where users can interact with the advertiser (you) directly.

Another useful feature of sponsored messages is the ability for advertisers to re-engage with users they have interacted with previously on Messenger. You can use these opportunities to invite customers to a brand chatbot, answer more in-depth questions, or extend special offers.

Of course, with the word “Sponsored” in the title, you may have surmised this means you’ll pay for the messages, too.

Well, Should You Use Them?

The prospect of Facebook sponsored messages is certainly intriguing, especially if you already have Facebook Ads integrated with your paid marketing strategy. You can link some of your Ads with sponsored messages, and see how they perform, while keeping the rest of your Ads pointing to landing pages.

For some businesses, the hurdle is going to be adopting these Ads when a lot of them have seen lackluster results from Messenger chatbots already. It could be that some testing is necessary first, to see whether sponsored messages or chatbots are more useful and effective.

Businesses that aren’t getting the traction they hoped for with Facebook Ads may want to try sponsored messages. And if you’re looking for a way to continue the conversation with users, then these paid messages may just be the right medium for your customers – especially if it’s before your competitors climb aboard.

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