Effective SEO techniques for your website

Lets get real. Getting great search engine rankings is not rocket science. Also, easy and effective SEO doesn't cost the White House. The thumb rule: Create a real site for real people. And let inbound links come naturally, to your website. Caution: Don't pay for links, its ugly and controversial too.

So how do you gain inbound links? First off, don't be content with a website, but include a blog with tons of content, to attract more traffic. A good blog will grow content fast and always pay off in the long run.

Sometimes, you do all the things right but still don't get the ranking right for your website. Here's a big tip to boost your search engine rankings: Provide the search engines with sitemaps to your website. The sitemap essentially speeds up the search engines like Google and Yahoo to spider, index and rank your web pages, so that what used to take months now happens real quick. The search engines will find your site, search it, index it in their database, and most importantly, show your site high up in the search results. As you grow your blog, your new posts will be easily crawled, indexed and ranked because of your sitemap submissions. Now, you are on way to becoming an SEO specialist and keep your White House

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