How to Create an Effective Search Engine Marketing Campaign

SEO and SEM are easily confused as they both work to make your website rank higher in search results.

So, what is the difference between SEO and SEM?

Simply put, search engine optimization is a part of search engine marketing. Both processes strive to increase a company’s visibility in search engines.

SEO optimizes your website to generate more free traffic and better rankings in the search results. SEM goes beyond this and can involve paid campaigns. SEM uses additional marketing methods that can get your company more search engine visitors.

As only a part of the overall digital marketing strategy, SEO and SEM both still contribute to the overall success of the website.

Components of an Effective SEM Campaign

SEO companies, like RSO Consulting, can help your company increase in search engine visibility by creating an effective search engine marketing campaign. SEO services can include making your PPC advertisements relevant, optimizing your website by making sure all content is relevant and well-organized, and lastly, tracking your success by compiling a list of important metrics.

Make PPC Ads Relevant

One of the most important components of implementing a successful SEM campaign is integrating PPC advertising into the campaign strategy.

It is vital you use keywords in these ads, in addition to common phrases that people search for in ads. Using keywords will generate more clicks and conversions for your website.

Additionally, it is important your ads answer a question, therefore providing value to potential consumers.  A finding from an SEO survey by Clutch reiterates this point:

“People respond to search engine results that are the most relevant to them. One-third of people (33%) click on a paid search ad because it directly responds to their search query.”

People are searching for answers to questions and problems. If your PPC ad can answer this query directly, you will be providing value to the consumer. PPC ads allow you to provide an immediate service to the user while also advertising your own products. 

Optimize Your Website

Another component in a solid SEM campaign is the optimization of your company’s website.

In order to have an optimized website, you must make sure all of the content on your site is relevant. This will make it easier to create a well-organized website that is easy to navigate by its users.

In addition, it is also important to make sure all of the links on your websites work. If the links do not work, this could tarnish a consumer’s impression of your brand.

Lastly, an optimized website is visually attractive. One way to create an attractive website is to include high-quality and eye-catching visuals. A visually pleasing user interface will generate intrigue and interest from your site’s visitors.

Track Your Success

Lastly, every successful SEM campaign tracks its success. There is no point in creating this type of campaign if your company does not compile its metrics. These metrics are very important as they provide insight into the success of your SEM efforts.

Collected data can evaluate the effect of each ad, by tracking traffic, clicks, and conversions linked to your site. In this way, your company can analyze whether your company’s PPC ads are worth the price.

Furthermore, tracking the success of your campaign can allow your company to test out different ad experiences, and eventually discover which ones work best.

Implement Effective SEM Strategies

Overall, an SEO company can increase your company’s search engine visibility by creating an effective search engine marketing campaign.

These companies can help you make your PPC advertisements relevant, optimize your website by making sure all content is relevant and well-organized, and lastly, track your success by compiling a list of important metrics. All these components are crucial to a successful SEM campaign.

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