Dynamic Remarketing After the Holidays: Mobile Apps

The buzz of the holidays has faded, but the lights of shiny, new mobile devices are all aglow. This is prime time for mobile apps and dynamic remarketing.

Photo Credit: Cory M. Grenier, Used Under Creative Commons License

Why do I keep hearing about dynamic remarketing?

Last month, we talked about the big push to use dynamic remarketing over the holiday season.

Now that tablets and smartphones have been unwrapped, mobile users are looking for new apps that will make life easier – or at least a little more entertaining.

This is where businesses with mobile apps can take advantage of dynamic remarketing in a massive way.

Remarketing with mobile apps

With remarketing, the objective is to target previous website visitors with appealing ads that encourage clickthroughs and conversions.

Since these users are already familiar with a certain product or service, it works to the advantage of the business to solicit downloads of the mobile app from these individuals.

Not only is there a higher degree of trust, but there is also a likeability factor that is off the charts.

Dynamic remarketing lets you take it a step further and target users with specific interests; so, if you have more than one mobile app, you can narrow who sees your ad by previous purchases, page views and more.

Do you have a mobile app? If not, will the capabilities of dynamic remarketing convince you to develop one?

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