Do You Even Snap?

Since early this year we've been saying photo-centric social media marketing is the next big thing. Now there’s research to back this.

According to the Wall Street Journal's recent blog post, "Instagram If You're Happy, Tweet Sans Photo If Not," when it comes to social media, pictures generally convey more positive messages compared to text-only posts or tweets. The study was conducted by Chute, a content marketing startup based in San Francisco, who reports that, “photo posts are four times more likely to convey positive sentiment compared with text tweets.” This makes sense since when I snap photos it’s of sunsets, puppies, and other things that make me smile; I’m not taking a photo of how long the check-out line is at the grocery store unless it was something really spectacular.

Meanwhile, the same study found that text tweets are “two-and-a-half times more likely to convey negative sentiment” compared to photo posts. It’s easier to rant via text than a photo: you’d have to be able to capture frustration and anger in a poetic snap, which is a level very few professional photographers attain.

Let’s flip these findings on its back to benefit businesses and business-owners. Along the similar vein, sponsored ads on Instagram captured 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more than Twitter according to a recent article from This might very well be because there is a less glaring difference between sponsored ads versus organic posts on Pinterest and Instagram than on Twitter, but the bottom-line is:


1. It’s Easy

You don’t need a social media intern or a fancy DSLR camera; you and your camera-phone will do. If the type of product or service you offer is not particularly photogenic, like say brunch, clothes, or gadgets, how about snapping a picture of a satisfied customer (with their consent, of course), employees hard at work, or anything that gives your business a more real, physical face?

2. It’s More Effective.

You can say your product is beautiful a thousand times, but it would be easier and more effective if you let your product speak for itself and let the customers decide.

So engage in photo-centric social media marketing now, have fun, and let us know if you have any questions.

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