Catchy Display Ad Examples + Why They Work

The ubiquity of ads across the internet often makes them fade into the background, barely noticeable to some. Then there are the ads that, despite their prolific nature, bring our scrolling to a screeching halt. Whether it’s the all-out creativity, striking design, or poignant messaging, one thing is certain: these are the ads that have our attention. And that might just be enough to earn the click, or at least the awareness, from the target audience.

Let’s check out two examples of display ads that recently caught our attention and examine why they work so well. (Read about the difference between display ads and search ads, if you’re not sure what they do.)

I’ll be honest. At first glance, this ad was totally hilarious to me. The illustration was the first element to draw my eye away from the content I had been reading, and next the copy. I think it was a combination of the casual nature of the messaging and how fitting it was with the imagery. The subheadline – “Stop Bots from Clicking Your Ads” – told me exactly what the company (CHEQ) was offering and what I could expect once I clicked on the ad.

This ad works because it completely stands out from the majority of other paid ads just about anywhere. In fact, as I was researching for more examples of display ads for this blog, there wasn’t much that compared to it (except, of course, for the other example you’ll see in just a minute). All in all, the illustration plus the eye-catching colors plus the clear and creative messaging make this one a real winner in my opinion.

Display Ad Example #2: Brains Investing  

This is simply a cool ad, wouldn’t you agree? The entire concept is thought-provoking and ultra-creative. It's a great example of catching the consumer’s attention right away with a question they’re then probably answering in their own head (but also continue reading to see if the ad answers it, too!) The second element I noticed was the fun illustration of the astronaut, which reinforces the idea behind the campaign.

This ad works well to draw in the user immediately with attention-grabbing copy, including that subheadline that makes me even more willing to click that CTA and “learn more.” Plus, the colors and graphics are so incredibly different from most other ads; it’s impossible not to notice it.

What creative ads have you been seeing lately? I'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

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