Digital Growth is All Mobile

The fact that mobile is leading digital growth is old news. But did you know that it now accounts for a whopping seventy percent of digital media time?

Desktop Is Plummeting

As more people connect using their smartphones, desktop is taking a nosedive, but that might not be bad news for marketers. That is of course, if they are acutely aware of the changing climate of online digital marketing.

Consumer Patterns Across Digital Media

ComScore, the measurement firm, revealed their report, “2017 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus.” The white paper measured consumer usage patterns among various media platforms and channels. According to their findings on digital media time spent in minutes, both the tablet and smartphone saw increases of 26 and 99 percent in 2016, respectively, compared to the year before. While desktop, on the other hand, saw a decrease of 8 percent of minutes spent during the same period of time. Now desktop only takes up about one-third total digital time spent.

Mobile-Exclusive Internet Access

We might cluck our tongues at teenagers glued to their phones 24/7, but the truth is they are not alone. A growing population uses the internet exclusively through mobile. In this category of mobile-only internet access, young women between the ages of 18 and 24 are the single largest group. And in a few years, they will be the ones with the one of the highest purchasing power of any demographic.

Social Media is King

Unsurprisingly, people spend the most time on social media and entertainment among all forms of digital media. Social media, in particular, dominates 20 percent of digital media time. Out of this chunk, close to 80 percent of usage happens on mobile.

Snapchat Game Strong

Google and Facebook are the top of the mobile app usage game, but Snapchat is making them run for their money when it comes to growth and engagement.

Are you sure you won’t go in 100 percent on mobile?

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