It’s Time to Lean on Data-Driven Marketing

As a data-driven marketing agency, RSO Consulting is always leaning on data to help clients make the best decisions possible. Data shows which marketing initiatives are working well – and which ones are o.k. to give a hard pass.

Right now, with so much of our lives up in the air, we can also lean on data to show us how customers’ needs and priorities are changing. This helps you plan for the now – when your business may need to be more agile – and for the months to come.

What kind of data-driven marketing should you be focusing on? Let’s look at a few different areas.

Search Intent

When you have an understanding of the intent behind a user’s search query, it’s easier to create content to address that search query and intent.

For example, let’s say you have two different searches: “best work desks for home” and “buy a work desk for home.” The user searching for “best work desks for home” is clearly doing research; they want to find the best desk for working at home. The user searching “buy a work desk for home” is ready to make a purchase.

In order to understand what types of searches people are doing during this time, you can take a look at current search data to better understand the trends. You can also learn about intent research, or have an SEO professional help you uncover and interpret the data. You may find there are more users in the research stage right now than the buy stage (perhaps not as many people are buying your product or service at this point), but at least you can focus your marketing budget on the types of content that users are looking for at the moment.

Traffic Data

As customer priorities have shifted, the amount of traffic you see going to your website may also be changing. There could be products that are more in demand than others, or sign-ups for your webinars have skyrocketed in the past few weeks.

It’s a good idea to look at new patterns in website traffic, because you may want to spend more time investing in those pages – both organically and with paid advertising.

Spend some time going over your website analytics for various date ranges, so you can compare the differences between then and now. You may find you want to make some changes to pages that are performing better.

Social Listening

Data-driven marketing isn’t just about information from search engines or your website. You can also gather valuable data about your customers or followers by practicing social listening.

Social media listening is about using tools to monitor, analyze, and address what customers are saying on social media – about your brand, your competitors, industry, and critical topics. You can apply this information to guide your strategy, from the types of content you create to how you respond to your followers online.

Lean on Your Data – We Can Help

Before you make changes to your marketing strategies, let’s take a look at your data to help you make smart, data-driven business decisions. Get in touch, and let’s chat.

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