Creating Successful PPC ad copy for B2B and B2C

Writing successful PPC ad copy for B2B and B2C audience is not always the same and not always different!

Take timing the time that lapses between the solution research and point of purchase. In a B2C, the time span is shorter, in contrast to a B2B purchase. So the ad copy for B2C customers has to show a sense of urgency, so as to close the sale, while the ad copy for B2B customers cannot focus too much on the sales part.

As an advertiser, there is no need to push your product for B2B customers as the prospect should be guided slowly; Woo the prospect with useful content that will make life easier and gain goodwill, perhaps by free registration, free widget or free literature. Also, in a B2B audience, sometimes the visitor is not the end-user, so you need to make a convincing pitch about your product to embolden the visitor to justify the purchase to the end-user.

In a B2C purchase, you talk direct to the customer, and specifically address his/her needs. However, in both B2B and B2C ad copy, remember to talk fast, and let your ad copy be the solution they are looking out for, for their pain points.

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