Business as Unusual: How to Connect with Customers During Coronavirus

As I’m writing this blog, I can’t help but think of the many extra miles that businesses are going to these days in order to connect with customers during Coronavirus – or just the public in general. There is no advanced marketing plan or roadmap involved, no budget set aside for a pandemic, yet organizations we normally associate with for-profit are rapidly stepping outside normal operations for the greater good.

Even if you aren’t a large retailer making masks and gowns for hospital staff, your business can still learn how to connect with customers during Covid-19 to maintain relationships and service. With some restrictions now in place across the globe, you may need to think differently about how you serve your audience – however, this can have a number of unexpected benefits for everyone.

To give you some inspiration, here are a few creative ways we have seen businesses stepping up their efforts to serve customers during a crisis. 

Online Video Meetings & Classes

With a large percentage of the world’s population spending more time at home, it’s probably not surprising that many businesses have taken their services to the screen. Online video meetings and classes have been springing up everywhere, from health clubs streaming fitness classes to art studios posting fun classes for adults and children. Even our local photo studio, which normally hosts a kids’ happy hour every Friday, has taken these events online to continue supporting the community.

Put on your thinking cap and stream up new ways to serve your customers during a crisis.

It’s so simple nowadays to make events, meetings, presentations, and classes available online. Even if you haven’t tried an online video meeting before, now may be the time to consider how it can connect you with customers during Coronavirus. Not only will people appreciate the added convenience, but it will also keep your business accessible and approachable for people who are interested.

Send them Something Special

Is there a different way your customers can use your product or service at home? Can you create a little something special to lift your customers’ spirits? If so, then you can go a long way in strengthening relationships by showing them you care about the current situation.

One of our local personal trainers not only brought all classes online for its members, but also went out of their way by delivering equipment needed for the classes to each member’s home. Imagine the delight experienced by these customers who will no doubt receive the many benefits of being able to workout at home. It’s all about keeping service uninterrupted and staying in touch with customer needs.

Stay Tuned in to Social Media

When you can’t do business in person, it’s important to stay connected using social media. Using your social channels, you can communicate regularly and easily with your audience about important information regarding your business – whether that’s updating your hours or announcing online events.

Social media is also where your customers may turn for service if your phone lines are busier than usual, so make it clear you are available via social to answer any questions or help in any way.

Social media connects you with customers during Coronavirus.

Share what your business is doing

How are you connecting with customers during Covid-19? Are you doing business differently during this unusual time? Tell us in the comments so we can all learn from one another and share our experiences, together.

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