Does Call-to-Action Button Color Improve Website Conversions?

The call-to-action (CTA) button plays a critical role on landing pages: getting people to click and convert. If you want to improve website conversions, then you may want to test a few things like the placement, text, and yes even the color of the CTA button.

Why is color an important factor when it comes to CTA buttons? Research shows color can actually affect conversions – positively and negatively – depending on a few things:

  • Visibility – Does the color of your call-to-action button pop against the rest of your landing page design? If it isn’t highly visible, then it won’t stand out to website visitors, which decreases conversions. However, make the button contrast to the rest of your layout, and you give visitors an entirely different (positive) experience.

  • Branding – Is the color of your button aligned with your existing branding? If it doesn’t seem like a natural fit, then it could be off-putting for visitors, which could also impact conversions.

  • Associations – What types of associations will your website visitors make with the color of your CTA button? Psychology is part of it. If you make the button red, you may get more clicks than if the button were green. Make your buttons the same color across your website, and visitors will start to associate them with action (in this case, the click).

We changed the call-to-action button color, and here’s what happened:

To test this theory, we changed the CTA button color on this website from yellow to green.

Green is the new call-to-action button color for the Ama Foundation website.

You can see the color pops in contrast with the rest of the page, which increased its visibility.

The best part? It resulted in a considerable lift in website conversions.

Which is the best call-to-action button color to increase conversions?

While there are plenty of articles claiming to know the best color to use on CTA buttons, the real answer is it depends – on your audience, your website layout, and those color associations.

The best way to find the most effective button color is to test different ones. You can run A/B testing on two separate colors to find which one gets the most conversions, and even test again after that until you find the best conversion rates.

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