Are You a Business or a Culture?

It seems that everyone is looking for the perfect strategy when it comes to marketing their business, but many miss the benefits of social media and specifically blogging.  They ask, “Why should I spend time writing a blog if I already have a website?  If somebody wants to know what we do, they can just Google our company, click on the ‘About Us’ section in our website and the information is there”.  Although this may seem like the logical response, they are completely missing the point of having a blog.  A successful blog does not just reiterate what a company does, it creates a culture for the company.

Let’s say you own a restaurant in San Francisco that only uses organic ingredients and you find it hard to distinguish yourself from your many competitors.  I mean let’s face it, organic foods are “in” right now.  Everyone knows that organic ingredients are healthier than processed foods and people in San Francisco are obsessed with their health.  As a result, every block in San Francisco seems to have at least one restaurant claiming to have all organic ingredients.  So what makes your restaurant special?  This is where your blog will come into play.

Through your blog, you can make your restaurant more than just an organic foods restaurant.  You can turn your business into a lifestyle.  In your blog posts you can tell stories about how organic foods have changed your life, where your ingredients come from and what activities fit with this lifestyle.  Maybe you decided to do a juice cleanse for a week and found that practicing yoga during your cleanse was very beneficial.  This is an experience that would make for a perfect blog post.  While giving your consumers encouragement to change their lifestyle, you will also create a culture for your restaurant that will attract like-minded people.  Everyone is looking for a new trend and you can be the creator of the next cool trend through your blog.  So why pass up an opportunity to turn your business into more than just a business, but a culture?

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