Google AdWords Targeting Now Accepts Phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses

The value of a customer’s phone number and mailing address just got real, especially for companies using Google AdWords. Users can now upload this personal information to target their known customers through ad campaigns. It’s a big step forward for Google AdWords targeting capabilities and for marketers looking to engage more consumers. Let’s have a look.

AdWords Targeting & Re-targeting through Customer Match

For the past two years, AdWords customers have been able to upload their customers’ email addresses into Customer Match, an AdWords targeting feature. This information would feed into the platform and, if Google had an email address that matched your customer’s, it would create lists you could use to better target your text or search ads to those consumers. It was a valuable tool - unless you didn’t have many email addresses for your customers.

For businesses that have the phone numbers and mailing addresses of their customers, this new targeting option is a big win. Not only can you achieve a higher customer match rate, but you can also use it for better re-targeting to your existing customer base.

AdWords users can also use the match data to build similar audiences on the platform. You can target ads to consumers who share traits with your current customers, like demographical, geographical or behavioral data – further expanding your reach to new customers.

Before You Upload Your Data…

You need to know that only first-party data can be uploaded to Customer Match. That means personal information you’ve purchased from a third-party company is not allowed. This is good; it means a higher likelihood your ads will be recognized and engaged with by your audience.

Give the new AdWords targeting option a try. If you don’t have much in the way of phone numbers and mailing addresses, this could be a perfect reason to acquire it from your customers.

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