AdWords & Analytics are Even Closer

The on again, off again relationship between Google AdWords and Google Analytics has taken another turn in the search engine soap opera but this time for the better. Google has recently announced that it is possible to import goals and transactions from Analytics into AdWords. This is a significant move in the relationship. Think of it as Analytics moving in with AdWords after years of dating.

For years, AdWords users would have to click to and from Analytics to see which campaigns, ad groups, and keywords were returning an investment. For those of us managing multiple accounts, this was nothing short of annoying.

In typical Google fashion, they made this "move in" as easy as 1-2-3, but under one stipulation: AdWords must be linked with Analytics (i.e. each committed to the relationship). Simply:

1. Find conversion tracking under the tools tab.

2. Click on the link "Link your Analytics Goals and Transactions" in the message box.

3. Select the Analytics goals you want to see in AdWords and click "Link".

Presto! AdWords is now including all your Analytics Goals and Transactions. This will allow you to track conversion performance (including conversion rate and cost per acquisition) and use Analytics data with Conversion Optimizer.

Now, if all relationship move ins were this smooth...

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