Why A/B Testing for Websites is a Pro Move

Your brand new website launches with five-star design, simple navigation, and all SEO elements in place.

Yet, few visitors are clicking, and your conversions are even lower.

It’s time to consider A/B testing for websites.

But, what is A/B testing for websites?

In short, A/B testing is creating two different versions of the same web page (page A and page B) and comparing performance – changing out a single element to determine which one works best for your website visitors.

For example, you can change the:

  • Color of a clickable button

  • Length and format of content

  • Language on the page

  • Relevance and orientation of images

  • Calls to action

There are lots of variations you can make to a web page to measure which ones your visitors prefer, and which ones make them take the desired action, but it is important to only test one at a time.

What can A/B testing do for my website?

Well, for starters, it can help you achieve your goals.

Let’s say you want more people to sign up for your newsletter or download a white paper.

Perhaps you can test different calls to action on your landing page, like “Submit now” or “Sign me up” to see which one delivers more conversions.

The best part about A/B testing for websites is it removes the guesswork. By letting your website visitors make the ultimate decision on what works and what doesn’t, you no longer waste your time on randomly making changes to your website – hoping that something sticks.

With A/B testing, you gather concrete data on which version of a web page gets you closer to your goals.

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