4 Website Fixes with Measurable Results in Google Analytics

If you have an existing website but are not seeing the results that you want in your Google Analytics reports, then it is time to take a good look at what your site is doing – or, more likely, not doing.

This requires looking at your website from an end user perspective, rather than as a site owner. Because you are likely the one who benefits from the online sales, this can be difficult to do, but it is not impossible.

The truth is, the more you can think like a consumer, the better your website will cater to the consumer. The proof of your success can be measured in your Google web analytics reports.

To get you thinking about possible improvements to your site, here are four updates you can make and the corresponding analytics data that will show you whether or not they’re working.

  • Clarify Your Message: Your visitors need you to tell them exactly what it is that you do or are selling. Do not muddle your message with flashy design that does not produce measurable action, such as buying your products or services. Your message, which should include a call to action, should be loud and clear.

    Google Analytics Result: After you clarify the message on your website, you should look for a decrease in bounce rate (when visitors view more than one page) as well as an increase in the amount of time spent on the site.

  • Make Navigation Easier: If your visitors cannot get where they want to go on your site, or if the way there is confusing, then it is likely showing through on your analytics data. Create no-nonsense direction throughout your website, so that users can find what they need, quickly and easily.

    Google Analytics Results: Once you improve the site navigation, you should look for an increase in pageviews.

  • Choose Shopping Carts Wisely: E-commerce sites needs to make shoppers feel confident and comfortable when spending money online. That is why it is so important to select a branded shopping cart for your website. Make sure yours offers cross-sell, multiple add-to-cart, and similar calls to action.

    Google Analytics Result: With the right shopping cart in place, you should look for a greater number of transactions and revenue.

  • Be Easy to Reach: If your site visitors cannot locate your contact information when they are ready to take action, then you could be losing some sales. To remedy the situation, make your phone number prominent on your site by putting it at the top of each page in the same location.

    Google Analytics Result: Once you have given your phone number the prime real estate it deserves, you should look for an increase in conversions. This could be in the form of recorded calls or contact page submissions.

While these four updates are not the only improvements that you can make to your site, they are some of the best modern practices that we recommend to our clients. We even wrote about them in our book, 42 Rules for Applying Google Analytics.

What are some other challenges you have with achieving website goals or analytics results?

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