4 Hot Google Analytics Tools You Need to Know About

Although it was rolled out to the public in 2005, Google Analytics remains - for many people - a mysterious marketing tool considered too cavernous for every day use. Well, keep your distance no longer, because with these four relatively new Google Analytics tools you can interpret data more easily and with much less trepidation.

Custom Dashboards

Being able to demonstrate a return on investment to higher-ups is becoming a priority these days, and Google addressed this with its new, user-friendly custom dashboards tool. This Analytics gem provides for even simpler customization features, including your choice of layouts and widgets. By personalizing your reports, you can access more meaningful data to share with others.

Google Analytics: Create a custom dashboard

To enable this feature: Choose your account, choose the “Reporting” tab, and click on “Dashboards” in the left sidebar.

Change History

For those of you who have been frustrated in the past by not being able to see what changes were made to your account (or by who and or when), Google Analytics Change History will make you very happy. With Change History, you can view this important data complete with the date, user’s email, and type of activity. Sometimes, change is good.

To enable this feature: Click on “Admin” at the upper right, choose the breadcrumb for the account you want, and click on the “Change History” tab. Only users who can perform administrative tasks will be able to access this Google Analytics tool.

Enhanced Link Attribution

Ever wonder which of the links on your pages is performing the best, especially if the links point to the same page? Enter Enhanced Link Attribution, a brilliant addition to the Google Analytics set of tools, offering precise numbers for individual links as well as performance data. Now you can see which links are more valuable and use the information to improve your pages.

To enable this feature: Click on “Admin” at the upper right, choose “Property Settings”, and check the box for Enhanced Link Attribution.

Google Tag Manager

If you currently use Google AdWords, remarketing tags, and Google Analytics, then you know how many tags you deal with on a daily basis. If you also have a separate developer to handle the changes, it could be quite frustrating to wait on them to make all the separate account changes using your updated tags. Now, with Google Tag Manager, you can enter new tags and manage existing ones in the same interface. Then, just give the developer one piece of code to enter into your site. Best part is, it won’t slow down your load time.

To enable this feature: http://analytics.blogspot.com/2013/02/google-tag-manager-implementation.html

Now What

Google Tag Manager, Change History, Enhanced Link Attribution, and custom dashboards are some of the latest Google Analytics tools designed to give you better access to valuable information and help you better understand the data. Log in today and explore these new options to see which ones will help you pull away the veil of mystery.

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