Google Paid Search Ads Appear on Right Side of Search

A recent Google search shows paid search ads have returned to the right sidebar – for now.

Four years ago, Google made a major change to desktop search results pages when it removed paid search ads from the right side. Since then, they have sometimes been replaced with the Knowledge Panel or – most recently – Featured Snippets.

However, even Featured Snippets have been pulled from this fickle spot, and now the reason why seems clear: Google search ads are returning to the right side of desktop search results pages. Well, at least it seems they’re testing the idea.

Google Search Results Page with Ads on Right Side

What this change could mean for advertisers

If Google paid search ads “permanently” make a comeback to the right side of desktop results pages, then it opens up more real estate for brands interested in paid advertising. It could lower the cost per click, making advertisements more affordable.

It also seems that ads being shown are for products that can be purchased immediately, rather than ads geared toward nurturing prospects.

What else are you noticing about paid search ads?

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