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Google Analytics Smart Lists: Vetting Your Remarketing Prospects

Who are your best bets when it comes to remarketing? Knowing which users are most likely to convert upon returning to your website is key to bigger sales and higher profits. No one knows this better than Google, and the … Read More →

A Beginners Guide to Micro Conversions

It’s important for the Google Analytics novice to understand the distinction between macro and micro conversions, but it’s a simple one. Basically, macro conversions are the key objectives of your business model, and they vary company by company. A few examples: … Read More →

Read & Speak the Language of Analytics

When running a website, being able to figure out where your traffic is coming from and what it’s doing once it reaches your site is critical. Because of this glaring necessity, Google Analytics is arguably one of the best things … Read More →

RSO Consulting Web Analytics Series

In our ongoing effort to provide the highest standard of web analytics consulting, we’re introducing our new ongoing Google Analytics series today. We plan to cover both general strategies as well as more granular tactics that both Analytics novices and experts can glean helpful information from. To begin, we answer a simple question: what are the benefits of using web analytics?

Addressing Client Expectations

Our clients’ feedback illustrated the fact that paying constant, close attention to their needs and desires, coupled with round-the-clock availability, is of the utmost importance.

How Private Is Your Data, Really?

Once the switch was made, analytics users began to see “not provided” appearing in their data, indicating that the search had been encrypted and the keyword data was therefore not available.

Real Time Analytics is Now Available

Real time is also very useful for visitors who are bringing traffic to their site through social media. By monitoring when a social media channel stops bringing in traffic, you will know when to post a new tweet or another announcement of Facebook, for example.

Google Analytics Premium

This news is really just an indicator that Google is now targeting the enterprise level by addressing customer concerns over the limitations of their free service, and offering it at a comparable price to other web analytics services.

Using Your Website Content is a Two-Step Process

With the advent of ‘real-time content’ in search listings, search engines, Google in particular, will seek out the best and most useful content on the Internet for any given keyword query. Updating your website content and blogging regularly will not only help fulfill the appetites of hungry search engines but also increase your chance of higher rankings and more traffic as a result.

Avoid the Dangers of Averaging

Metrics, a wise man once said, are not proxies for performance.  The lesson here is about moving beyond easy to game metrics, and avoid getting trapped in the dangers of averaging. Averages are like a low-hanging fruit, irresistible for those … Read More →