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If You Want to Win at Online Marketing

Blogging Matters for a Number of Reasons Once upon a time, you could deposit your ad spend in bureaucratic print design and call it a day. To survive in the online marketing world of the present-day, however, it takes an … Read More →

Universal Analytics: Missing Organic Search Traffic Data?

If your website receives significant traffic from a search engine that isn’t on Google’s default listing, then you could be missing organic search traffic data. Fortunately, Universal Analytics offers a fix. Custom Search Engine Tracking By default, Google tracks a … Read More →

SEO in 2014: Google In-depth Articles

In 2014, we will see high-quality content tip the scale for search engine optimization (SEO), especially as Google expands its In-depth Articles section on page one. Why did Google introduce In-depth Articles? According to the search engine specialists, there are … Read More →

How to Retrieve Organic Search Data in a Google ‘Not Provided’ World

Last month, the encryption of Google’s organic search data left many people scrambling. According to the update, one hundred percent of keyword referral data from organic search would be blocked and the opportunity to glean insight from the data a … Read More →

Google Hummingbird: A Reminder About User Intent

Long before Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, we knew that creating original, high quality content was one of the most important pieces of good SEO. Now, with the recent Hummingbird update, understanding what it is that your customers are searching … Read More →

The End of Google Search Data As We Know It

This week we witnessed what could be Google’s biggest disappearing act to date: the complete and utter cloaking of organic search data. After years of asserting its domination over search traffic and analytics platforms, Google has officially put its most … Read More →

Google’s New Mobile Algorithm Gives an Ultimatum

You’re either in, or you’re out. Or at least lower in the search rankings if your mobile site isn’t up to par with Google’s new mobile algorithm, already in effect. In its ongoing commitment to improving the mobile web experience … Read More →

Summertime SEO: No Out of Office

For many of us, summer is a time for vacations and getting away from everyday life for a while. But when it comes to your SEO efforts, one thing you don’t want to do is let it be “out of … Read More →

Google Now: Upping the Mobile Search Ante

We’ve known for some time that mobile search is a crucial part of strengthening any web presence, but with the introduction of Google Now businesses will see their mobile search efforts interjected in even more exciting (and beneficial) ways than … Read More →

Google Penguin Update: Your Link Strategy

When the Google Penguin update happens in the next few weeks or months (yes, it is coming), it could be looking even more closely at your website’s link building habits. Reviewing your current link strategy could be your smartest move … Read More →