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AdWords Express: A Sensible Alternative for Small Businesses

While a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can be a powerful tool for a small business to help drive conversions and traffic, PPC campaigns are not always the best solution for small businesses that rely on local sales, such as … Read More →

Don’t Count Out Bing Just Yet

…the results should give online advertisers and marketing firms reason for pause: 68% of Google searches were ?successful,? as opposed to 80.04% on Bing and 81.36% on Yahoo.

The Search Wars

While Bing and Yahoo may claim that adding the human element makes their paid ad relevancy for search terms better, the data seems to indicate that Google’s algorithm (i.e. Quality Score) is still the best method for getting people to click on an ad and therefore, generate revenue.

Google Plus One

While Facebook partnered with Microsoft last year to offer user data and ?Likes? for improving search results for Bing, Google is now trying to create one monolithic tool for combining the already proven strength of their search algorithm with personalized user feedback to even more finely tune search results and advertising.