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4 Website Fixes with Measurable Results in Google Analytics

If you have an existing website but are not seeing the results that you want in your Google Analytics reports, then it is time to take a good look at what your site is doing – or, more likely, not … Read More →

Google Analytics Smart Lists: Vetting Your Remarketing Prospects

Who are your best bets when it comes to remarketing? Knowing which users are most likely to convert upon returning to your website is key to bigger sales and higher profits. No one knows this better than Google, and the … Read More →

Google Analytics: Measure What Your Content Does for You

Today’s consumers have the option to tune out advertisements or engage more deeply with brands that they feel represent them. So once you’ve grabbed your customer’s attention, meaning they are on your site, how do you know you’ve converted them … Read More →

Deleting Cookies Dampens Google Analytics Data

Deleting cookies from Internet browsers is a growing trend in the digital age, but online advertisers should be aware of how it influences Google Analytics data – or, what we like to call the great numbers game. According to a … Read More →

How to Retrieve Organic Search Data in a Google ‘Not Provided’ World

Last month, the encryption of Google’s organic search data left many people scrambling. According to the update, one hundred percent of keyword referral data from organic search would be blocked and the opportunity to glean insight from the data a … Read More →

The End of Google Search Data As We Know It

This week we witnessed what could be Google’s biggest disappearing act to date: the complete and utter cloaking of organic search data. After years of asserting its domination over search traffic and analytics platforms, Google has officially put its most … Read More →

New Google Analytics Filters Boost Mobile Data

To truly understand the intentions of mobile traffic, you need data. In fact, the more data the better. Google Analytics now fulfills this need with its new filter fields for mobile. Why Mobile, Why Now Over the last few years, … Read More →

4 Hot Google Analytics Tools You Need to Know About

Although it was rolled out to the public in 2005, Google Analytics remains – for many people – a mysterious marketing tool considered too cavernous for every day use. Well, keep your distance no longer, because with these four relatively … Read More →

The Surprising Statistics Behind Google Analytics and Online Retailers

In a recent article that focused on online retailers’ usage of Google Analytics, it was stated that a whopping 80 percent were using the analytics tool incorrectly. The study broke it down to reveal what these companies were doing wrong. … Read More →

Custom Reports for Social Media & Advanced Segments

Google Analytics is an invaluable tool for understanding where your traffic is coming from and how your visitors are interacting with your site. At this point there is no denying the power and reach of social media, and in recognizing … Read More →