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How Private Is Your Data, Really?

Once the switch was made, analytics users began to see “not provided” appearing in their data, indicating that the search had been encrypted and the keyword data was therefore not available.

You Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

What this means is that having a large social reach across various social media outlets, and reaching key “influencers” (friends or fans that not only have many friends but influence them to take action), is just as important for your business to develop as SEO alone.

Don’t Count Out Bing Just Yet

…the results should give online advertisers and marketing firms reason for pause: 68% of Google searches were ?successful,? as opposed to 80.04% on Bing and 81.36% on Yahoo.

The Search Wars

While Bing and Yahoo may claim that adding the human element makes their paid ad relevancy for search terms better, the data seems to indicate that Google’s algorithm (i.e. Quality Score) is still the best method for getting people to click on an ad and therefore, generate revenue.